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2010 MLB First-Year Player Draft: Official Post
Jed - Stanford
It's the Draft! Be excited! See names other than Bryce Harper!

This post is here for discussions of everyone's brand spanking new prospects. As draft picks are announced, I'll post them here, as well as on my Twitter account (@1863_project).

Yes, I did start this about four hours early. I am very excited.

First Round

1. Nationals: Bryce Harper, OF, College of Southern Nevada
2. Pirates: Jameson Taillon, RHP, The Woodlands HS (TX)
3. Orioles: Manny Machado, SS, Brito Private HS (FL)
4. Royals: Christian Colon, SS, Cal State Fullerton
5. Indians: Drew Pomeranz, LHP, University of Mississippi
6. Diamondbacks: Barret Loux, RHP, Texas A&M
7. Mets: Matt Harvey, RHP, UNC Chapel Hill
8. Astros: Delino DeShields Jr., 2B, Woodward Academy (GA)
9. Padres: Karsten Whitson, RHP, Chipley HS (FL)
10. Athletics: Michael Choice, OF, University of Texas - Arlington
11. Blue Jays: Deck McGuire, RHP, Georgia Tech
12. Reds: Yasmani Grandal, C, University of Miami
13. White Sox: Chris Sale, LHP, Florida Gulf Coast University
14. Brewers: Dylan Covey, RHP, Maranatha HS (CA)
15. Rangers: Jake Skole, CF, Blessed Trinity HS (GA)
16. Cubs: Haden Simpson, RHP, Southern Arkansas
17. Rays: Josh Sale, OF, Bishop Blanchet HS (WA)
18. Angels: Kaleb Cowart, 3B, Cook HS (GA)
19. Astros: Mike Foltynewicz, RHP, Minooka Community HS (IL)
20. Red Sox: Kolbrin Vitek, 2B, Ball State
21. Twins: Alex Wimmers, RHP, Ohio State
22. Rangers: Kellin Deglan, R.E. Mountain HS (BC, Canada)
23. Marlins: Christian Yelich, OF, Westlake HS (CA)
24. Giants: Gary Brown, CF, Cal State Fullerton
25. Cardinals: Zack Cox, 3B, Arkansas
26. Rockies: Kyle Parker, OF, Clemson
27. Phillies: Jesse Biddle, Germantown Friends HS (PA)
28. Dodgers: Zach Lee, McKinney HS (TX)
29. Angels: Cam Bedrosian, RHP, East Coweta HS (GA)
30. Angels: Chevy Clark, OF, Marietta HS (GA)
31. Rays: Justin O'Conner, C, Cowan HS (IN)
32. Yankees: Cito Culver, SS, West Irondequoit HS (NY)

Supplemental Round

1. Astros: Michael Kvasnicka, EB, Minnesota
2. Blue Jays: Aaron Sanchez, RHP, Barstow HS (CA)
3. Braves: Matthew Lipka, SS, McKinney HS (TX)
4. Red Sox: Bryce Brentz, OF, Middle Tennessee State
5. Angels: Taylor Lindsey, SS, Desert Mountain HS (AZ)
6. Blue Jays: Noah Syndergaard, RHP, Legacy HS (TX)
7. Red Sox: Anthony Ranaudo, RHP, LSU
8. Angels: Ryan Bolden, OF, Madison Central HS (MS)
9. Blue Jays: Asher Wojciechowski, RHP, The Citadel
10. Rays: Drew Vettleson, OF/RHP, Central Kitsap HS (WA)
11. Mariners: Taijuan Walker, RHP, Yucaipa HA (CA)
12. Tigers: Nick Castellanos, 3B, Archbishop McCarthy HS (FL)
13. Rangers: Luke Jackson, RHP, Cavalry Christian Academy (FL)
14. Cardinals: Seth Blair, RHP, Arizona State
15. Rockies: Peter Tago, RHP, Dana Hills HA (CA)
16. Tigers: Chance Ruffin, RHP, Texas
17. Rangers: Mike Olt, 3B, Connecticut
18. Cardinals: Tyrell Jenkins, RHP, Henderson HS (TX)

Cubs at Mets, 4-19-10 - Ike Davis Debut Edition
Ike Davis - IKEA
Ike is the first prospect I've watched from the draft all the way up to the Majors. Tonight, he's making his debut live on ESPN! Let's live-blog this thing!


Byrd, CF
Baker, 2B
Lee, 1B
Nady, RF
Ramirez, 3B
Soriano, LF
Soto, C
Theriot, SS
Wells, P

New York:
Pagan, CF
Castillo, 2B
Wright, 3B
Bay, LF
Francoeur, RF
Davis, 1B
Barajas, C
Cora, SS
Niese, P

Starting pitchers: Randy Wells vs. Jon Niese

Niese needs to stop smiling. It is making me keyboard smash on Twitter.

More after the jump...Collapse )

Good first game for Ike, I have to say, but he's still got some learning to do. Saw him in Spring Training this year and his hands were still a bit iffy, so he's got to work on that defense if he wants to stay in the majors. Anyhow, Niese, you and I are getting married, so set a date! (Not really. Besides, we all know I like Jed the best.)

2009 MLB First-Year Player Draft open thread
olympics - let's have some tea
This is where it's at.

The picks, round 1Collapse )

Okay, there haven't been any comments here in a while... so I'm not gonna update this any more. :P

Stanford vs ASU
olympics - let's have some tea
Hey everyone! cornerinfielder and I are resurrecting this place to do a college ball liveblog, because college ball needs love too.

4:00 ET, LHP Brett Mooneyham (3-1, 3.94) vs. undecided

Game notes under here!Collapse )

2008 MLB Draft: First Round
Pedroia at ASU
Okay, here we go! This is the 2008 MLB First Year Player Draft - I'll be covering the first round along with the compensation picks (a.k.a. what they show on ESPN). A full draft recap will come later, when the information becomes available.

So there went my afternoon. That sure was fun, though, except for the part where my brother demanded the TV and I had to move to the other one, stealing my mother's computer's internet cable. He can't bear not having his XBOX time in the afternoon. (Personally, I find I am the more patient sibling in the family - I love video games myself, but I tend to play them when I know I can get the TV for myself, which is usually much later at night.) But enough complaining - let's just look at the baseball here. Feel free to discuss your team's draft picks here!

Portland Sea Dogs @ New Hampshire Fisher Cats
olympics - let's have some tea
3:50 PM: It's Sea Dogs, 2-1, in the middle of the third. After two separate rain delays (the first an hour and a half, the second fifteen minutes), the Fisher Cats scored one run, and the Sea Dogs just got two runs on a homer by Aaron Bates and a few singles. At one point, shortstop Iggy Suarez was batting and accidentally tossed his bat--twice--as he fouled off pitches. Twice. All the fans cracked up, as did he, and when he managed to take a swing without losing the bat, the crowd applauded. He stuck the bat under his arm and applauded them in thanks. To the bottom of the third now...

4:04 PM: Mickey Hall just made a CRAZY diving catch in center field, landing on the warning track right next to the 400-ft mark. The Fisher Cats pulled ahead on the play, 3-2, but it sounded amazing. Oh, wait--Patterson just homered, making it 5-2 New Hampshire. Hall couldn't get that one; it was way over his head. Two outs in the bottom of the third now.

4:27 PM: 7-2 New Hampshire on two doubles. The grounds crew are on call, which makes sense if the weather up there is anything like it is here in Boston (which is to say, totally gray in all directions and windy enough that the backs of the leaves are showing).

"High cheese for sure"
olympics - let's have some tea
Daniel Bard just struck out the last batter on a 99 MPH high fastball to give the Portland Sea Dogs a 4-1 win over the New Britain Rock Cats.

The announcers were just fanboying Bard's fastball. I myself was fangirling it, too, but hey.

Michael Bowden was almost unhittable (1 hit through 7 IP) and gave up just one unearned run. Anthony Swarzak was good, too, but not good enough.

May 5th, 2008 - Durham at Pawtucket
I just felt like it. It'll be a fun little diversion whilst I work on my paper and watch the Red Sox on ESPN...now for lineups! (And don't ask about the weird nicknames I have for the PawSox...there are long stories behind most of them. Especially George Kottaras.)

Perez, CF
Johnson, 2B
Ruggiano, RF
Johnson, 1B
Guzman, 3B
Weber, LF
Brignac, SS
Giminez, DH
DiFelice, C

Starting Pitcher: Mitch Talbot (2-3, 5.74 ERA)

Jeff Bailey, 1B
Joe "American Idol" Thurston, 2B
George "Georgie Sparkles" Kottaras, C
Sandy Madera, DH
Chris "Dr. McDreamy" Carter, LF
Keith Ginter, 3B
Sean Danielson, RF
Jonathan Van Every, CF
Gil Velazquez, SS

Starting Pitcher: Charlie Zink (3-1, 2.76 ERA)

Right, here we go!

And there we go. My boys in Pawtucket lose a heartbreaker - Charlie pitched beautifully, too! A shame the bats didn't wake up...

I think the most embarrassing bit is losing to Grant Balfour. But that doesn't make his name any less funny to me. Eh, it happens.

Sacramento River Cats vs Iowa Cubs
olympics - let's have some tea

-deep breath-


Frigging Casey Rogowski.

Two pitches in the bottom of the ninth. Oh well.

(This is a pathetic live-blog... but it started right as the game ended. No joke. Ugh.)

A quick post to get this community started...
Tito is such a stalker!
I started this community because live-blogging Minor League games was becoming a hobby and I was thinking about doing this for the AFL this off-season. I decided to get it going earlier...because I'm finding this to be a consuming hobby.

Here are links to the Minor League live-blogs I've done before. I've live-blogged both Major League and Minor League games (and even several rounds of Oregon Trail), but I found the Minor League stuff to really be enjoyable.

Arizona Fall League Live-Blog 1
Arizona Fall League Live-Blog 2
Pawtucket Red Sox Opening Day 2008

On that note, happy live-blogging, everybody! (And be warned - those AFL ones are incredibly, incredibly biased towards Jed Lowrie...)


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